Topic: Orc Warlord Champions Often no Named item

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    Avatar photowyoian

    It seems like whenever an orc warlord spawns with a 2H wep he has no famed gear. Code doesn’t try to de-equip his weapons before equiping him with his famed weapon/shield, maybe that is the cause?

    Tested by spawning orc warlords in combat tactical screen. let me know if need more info

    Avatar photowyoian

    May be due to the order of equipping in the devmode :/ testing. Assumed dev mode used same ordering as vanilla spawning.

    Avatar photowyoian

    well not sure if a gamebreaking bug, but orcs spawned to test with devmode don’t spawn with famed weapons properly. fixed by making miniboss before equipping. Not sure if real bug in location spawn so feel free to close. Sorry

    Avatar photoRap

    Orc Warlords can be champions, but they’re not necessarily champions and thus do not necessarily have famed gear.

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