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    I recently tried the cultists a few times and I find it is an origin that gives a uniquely satisfying atmosphere. The new origins really have breathed new life into the game (which for me is endlessly re-playable anyway!)

    I think that upping the frequency of events around which an origin’s narrative is concerned, however, would improve things – with the Cultists being the prime candidate for this. I love how every non-cultist recruit is treated as a potential deserter anyway and how deaths are un-concerning to the fanatics – it leads me to a play-style of having valuable devotees in the back row who are big hitters and the expendable uninitiated in the front with unusual builds – nine lives, crippling strikes and rotate is all they need to serve their purpose of soaking hits, dealing injuries and saving the zealots – for as long as they can last! Lots of fun. The opportunities for sacrifice however come along too slowly, as do new cultists joining, cultist armour being made… all these great things are infrequent enough that sections of the campaign feel like any other play-through. I wondered at one point if the characters who were wearing cultist hoods were the ones who were up for sacrifice as it seemed to be the case, but tested this and found it wasn’t the case. Got me thinking though… isn’t that a cool little idea? :P I’d like the origin specific objects to have a bit more meaning, whether its a bonus or de-buff or a bit of both, but more than just aesthetics.

    Summarily, I think anything which encourages a breadth of play-styles is good. As I describe above, the expendability of non-cultists makes me use tactics, traits and talents that I’d never consider in a regular play-through.

    I wonder if the new origins were introduced gently with a minor impact overall but with a view to being expanded and given more fleshing out. I’d like to think so – more specific events, narratives, even quests or end-game goals for each.

    Thanks again for Battle Brothers and for continuing to develop this grim adventure, long may it continue.

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