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    Hello gentlemen, and please forgive my poor english, hope my text wont sounds like drivel.

    I was noticed that game difficulty slowly increasing after beginning a game, due to increasing number of camps and foe patrols. But player does not progress besides raw power of company, i mean if you manage to somehow lost most of you men you will lost EVERYTHING and be literally pushed back on the same position as you was at very beginning of the game. Except enemies, they will be much stronger and there are no weaker camps left on the map. This force player to savescum, because he knows that losing men will lead to unplayable situation, when every single enemy patrol or camp is deadly or above and there is no way to train men or gain crowns.

    So i came to idea of fame and reputation system. Fame is characteristic wich shows your overall progression, the more enemies you defeated and more quests you comlete the more famous your company will be.

    As you gain more fame:
    -Quest rewards become higher- they will pay for your name if they want job surely done.
    -Mercinaries become slightly cheaper- they more likely to participate of famous war band than puny group of scurbs.
    -More highlevel mercs will be avaible (swordmasters, sellswords, knights etc)
    -Selling prices on equipment slightly decresed.
    -More likely to get “wipe the camp” quests.

    This will help players to climb out toilssome situations such as losing half of the men and will help them back to business without unnecessary savescumming.

    And about reputation now, reputation is dynamic and may become higher or lover, or even go negative. Reputation displays how trusty and honest your men are, you will recieve positive reputation for:

    -Successfully completing a quests
    -Extermination colored enemies camps
    -Taking fair and good decisions in world map events (monk with the beer, troubled merchant etc)
    -Voluntarily helping patrols and caravans to fight enemies.
    -Selling specific loot like orcs weapons or werewolf skins wich proof your victory over such monsters

    Increasing reputations will follow to:

    -Querst rewards become slightly higher.
    -Gain a small chance to highlevel nobles join company willingly.
    -Bying prices decreased
    -Mercs initial payment may become higher or lower based on their backgrounds

    And the ways to lost your reputation ofc:

    -Annulment contracts
    -Leaving trading caravans to die when on escorting quest
    -Attacking non-enemies caravans and patrols (yes, i want such opportunity!) decrease reputation dramaticly and the only way to lower it beneath zero- but only if there were survivers
    -Selfish and evil decisions on world map events.

    On negative reputation:

    -Castle patrols may attack you
    -Militia may prevent you to entering villages
    -Raiders, thiefs and bandits mercs prices and payment decreased and number of such guys is increased
    -All costs are increased.

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