Topic: Pacified flagellant gains resolve (and pacifier loses it) by flogging himself

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    The scenario played out in which the flagellant and the monk had a theological dispute. The monk prevailed and the flagellant retained the flagellant background description but also acquired a new background description as a “pacified flagellant”. The text of the new background says that you can rest assured that, when he takes up a weapon in future, it will only be for your foes (or words to that effect). Not long after that, however, they had another dispute that resulted in the monk losing resolve while the flagellant gained a little bit (along with losing half of his 40-odd hit points from a fresh flogging). The monk has since been slain, while the flagellant has become a captain with over 80 resolve and is still supposedly a “pacified flagellant”, despite continuing to eat away at his measly hit points with renewed whippings …

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    Haha nice post!

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