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    In this thread we will post all the latest patchnotes:

    Battle Brothers – Update
    26. June – RAPSDJFF
    Added new event mechanic on the worldmap with 47 different events to start with. We’ll continually add new events from now on.
    Added two new combat music tracks exclusive to fighting bandits and beasts, respectively.
    Added a limit to the amount of food, ammo, tools and medicine that can be carried at once. Previously, the player could haul giant stockpiles of everything around the countryside, essentially removing these resources as a consideration and additional means to pay upkeep. This change should make them stay relevant.
    Added Warbrand as a two-handed sword variant.
    Added Woodcutter’s Axe as a lower tier two-handed axe.
    Added Wooden Flail and Reinforced Wooden Flail as lower tier flails.
    Added Masterwork Bow.
    Added ability to pause the game on the worldmap also using the ‘Pause’ key. Makes sense.
    Changed Skeleton Guards to have 8 AP (up from 6) to bring them in line with other skeletons and enable them to stick to the bulk of the fighting force.
    Changed fatigue costs for movement to be double across the board. Movement hardly factored into fatigue before and this should provide another drawback for using heavy armor, especially when fighting more skirmish-oriented opponents, such as the upcoming Goblins.
    Changed Athletic and Clubfooted traits to have double the effect on fatigue costs for movement.
    Changed Taunt skill to be more effective.
    Changed crossbows to be reloaded automatically after combat ends.
    Changed amount of crowns the player receives from selling loot to be lower.
    Fixed flipping the map during an AI turn potentially preventing the game from proceeding.
    Fixed game refusing to continue during an AI turn under specific conditions.
    Fixed laggy UI after changing character name and confirming with return key.
    Fixed Gravedigger background incorrectly using text of the Graverobber background.
    Fixed incorrect icon for Impale skill of the pitchfork.
    Fixed Berserk perk sometimes not working correctly.
    Fixed inaccurate sell prices shown on items in the shop interface.

    Battle Brothers – Update
    19. MAI – RAPSDJFF
    Bugfixing time.
    Fixed sound compatibility issue.
    Fixed rendering compatibility issue.
    Fixed AI being unable to end its turn under specific circumstances.
    Fixed caravans being attacked not triggering combat for the player as it is supposed to.
    Fixed day/night indicator potentially going out of synch.
    Fixed outdated description of Captain perk.
    Added more debug output to logfile in order to help with hunting down unresolved issues.
    For people experiencing rendering problems it should be worth a try running the game again with this update.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    15. MAI – RAPSDJFF
    New weapons! No longer is the Billhook the only melee weapon with a range of two tiles, as there is now the Pike. Also, the Pickaxe and the Pitchfork are introduced as early game equivalents of the Warhammer and the Pike, respectively, to smooth out the progression a bit. Some backgrounds will have these as starting items and you may see militia using these as improvised weapons as well. Also, other stuff.
    Fixed compatibility issue with sound.
    Fixed rare graphical glitch.
    Fixed Return Favor perk not working as intended.
    Changed Killing Frenzy effect to last for 2 turns (down from 3).
    Changed fatigue cost of Footwork skill to 25 (down from 30).
    Changed Captain perk to now grant half the difference in resolve between the captain and the non-captain as a bonus. Consequently, characters with low resolve of their own will profit the most from a leader nearby, while a potential exploit for characters with very high resolve is eliminated.
    Changed Rally the Troops to have a range of 4 tiles (down from 5).
    Changed the way Debilitate works. The skill is no longer an attack of its own but modifies the next attack done. Once used, the user gains a ‘Debilitating Attack’ status effect which has their next attack confer the ‘Debilitated’ debuff to their target. Missing the attack wastes the effect. This way, Debilitate can now be used with any weapon, including ranged weapons. A debilitated target has the damage it can inflict reduced by -50% for one turn (instead of receiving increased damage, as it was before).
    Changed the way movement for the player works on the worldmap. Setting a destination close to the current position will have the group move directly to it as it worked before, but setting a destination further away will now make use of pathfinding to navigate between forests and on roads automatically. We’ll probably add an indicator for the destination and path in one of the coming updates.
    Added Pike, Pitchfork and Pickaxe weapons.
    Added icon dropping on everyone affected by use of the Taunt skill to make it more appearent how the skill works.
    Added hint to targeting tooltip if the selected skill affects the hitchance.
    Added command line argument (also known as Game Launch Option) to potentially fix rare compatibility issue with some video cards. If you’re getting pixelated sprites in the game, try to start Battle Brothers with the command line argument -t2. If this works for you, you can increase this to -t3, -t4 etc up to -t8 for better performance. You can read up on how to apply the command line argument with Steam here. If it doesn’t work for you, please let us know so we can continue looking for a solution.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    12. MAI – RAPSDJFF
    Quite a bunch of changes this time.
    Most importantly, this update should resolve some issues with poor performance and UI lag that a few players were experiencing. It should also help with the rare sound problem reported to occur for a few people when starting the game every once in a while. Please let us know if the issue persists for you despite the changes.
    Valve has also fixed issues with upgrading to the Supporter Edition. If you want to support development of this game even more, you can now do so by upgrading on the storepage. Thank you!
    Fixed some performance issues.
    Fixed some compatibility issues related to sound.
    Fixed crash related to the AI using the Rotation skill at the edge of the screen.
    Fixed pathfinding not always returning the optimal path.
    Fixed issue with villages being placed without any connection to the road network on the worldmap in rare cases.
    Fixed UI label of available stash space not updating correctly.
    Fixed Hammer skill not inflicting a minimum of 10 hitpoint damage in some cases.
    Fixed Bloody Harvest not working correctly with the Split skill.
    Fixed Ghouls feasting on corpses while at the same time being repelled by the spearwall skill.
    Changed worldmap speed of all parties, including the player’s, to be slightly higher on default but get reduced by 1.5% per individual unit. This way, the player has an easier time outrunning large armies and can get away easier with few men than the full contingent of twelve. With more different worldspeeds, AI parties also shouldn’t chase each other for as long anymore with no chance of either catching up or losing another.
    Changed enemy factions on the worldmap to acquire resources slightly slower via scavenging and hunting animals.
    Changed newly constructed enemy bases to have slightly lower resources to start with.
    Changed Escort Caravan contracts to be more readily available later on in the game.
    Changed bonus hitchance of Bloody Harvest perk to +10% (down from +15%).
    Changed Horrific Scream of Lost Souls to be slightly easier to resist.
    Changed Lost Soul AI to stop trying to shout at characters who are obviously immune to mental attacks.
    Changed Lost Soul AI to more readily engage into melee once everyone in their vicinity is fleeing or immune to their screams.
    Changed a few values around for the difficulty rating system on the worldmap.
    Changed hidden enemies to no longer show up in the tooltip as a factor affecting hitchance when they’re in the line of fire between a Battle Brother and a visible target. Actual numbers used still include their presence, however.
    Changed Alt + Rightclick to no longer sell items on the shop screen for those players who are actually trying to set items for repair there.
    Changed retreat confirmation dialog to also be shown when retreating via the ingame menu.
    Added Lost Souls using Horrific Scream to combat log.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    A few important fixes. Have a nice weekend!
    Fixed crash with non-equippable items.
    Fixed issues of the AI being unable to end its turn.
    Fixed enemies warping across the tactical map in rare cases.
    Fixed UI highlighting of paperdoll slots not being removed correctly when dragging items from the ground into the paperdoll.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    This update will reset your game options. You’ll have to set resolution, audio volume, hardware cursor and all that stuff again the way you want it to be!
    Fixed fleeing characters occupying the same tile as other characters in rare cases.
    Fixed allied locations not recovering their resources correctly which could lead to no caravans or patrols being spawned later in the game. Note that it may take a while for your world to recover and that locations still need caravans to reach them in order to flourish.
    Fixed Orc Headsplitter not applying the correct amount of shield damage.
    Fixed AI not considering whether they have the Crusher perk when using the Split Shield skill.
    Fixed AI calculating the value of their ranged units vs. the player’s ranged units incorrectly.
    Changed AI to be more cautious of spearwalls.
    Changed Quick Hands perk again. The first item swap each turn is now a free action, every additional swap has the normal cost of 4AP. This should allow for more instances where the perk comes in useful.
    Changed Taunt skill to be more effective.
    Changed Effectiveness vs. Armor of Winged Mace to 140% (down from 150%).
    Changed damage range of Fighting Axe to 35 – 55 (down from 40 – 55).
    Changed prices of all mid and high tier armor and helmets to be higher.
    Changed forests to be slightly easier to navigate and made enemies there spawn a bit closer to the player on average.
    Added new ‘Auto-Adjust Height Level’ setting to gameplay options. This is enabled by default for the camera behavior you’re used to. Disabling this will prevent the camera from changing height levels automatically to give you a better view on things. Be aware that disabling this means you’ll have to adjust height levels manually or some units will be occluded by terrain!
    Added level of difficulty shown for every save made with this update and beyond at the load/save campaign screens.
    Added new Tailor and Shepherd character backgrounds.
    Added more high-level compositions of base defenders for all factions.
    Added hint for enemies having Riposte active to the attack tooltip.
    Added hint for skeletons having resistance against piercing attacks to attack tooltip.
    Added hint for enemies being immune to stun or knock back to attack tooltip.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    Mostly balancing changes this time. Some perks were not working as originally intended for some reason or another (Nimble, Dodge), some perks were too easily exploited and became must-picks (Quick Hand, Rally the Troops), and others were not attractive enough to pick most of the time (Holdout, Indomitable). This will probably be the first of a great many such tweaks and might even end up with us replacing a perk or two altogether depending on how things play out over time. A few of the other perks also aren’t in that great a position currently, but we still want to hang on to them in light of the enemies that are to come.
    Fixed crash in combat introduced with last update.
    Fixed parties on the worldmap sometimes not fading in again when lingering at the very edge of the player’s view radius for a while.
    Fixed inconsistent AP cost when moving items with drag&drop or via hotkeys.
    Fixed Dodge perk bonus not working as intended.
    Fixed Nimble perk not working as intended.
    Fixed Rally the Troops skill getting reduced fatigue costs when a character has the Weaponmaster perk even though it is not actually an attack.
    Fixed Indomitable skill being displayed at the wrong position in the active skill list.
    Changed Holdout perk to also give double bonus at confident morale in addition to removing the penalties of negative morale states.
    Changed Quick Hands perk to reduce the cost of swapping items from 4 to 2 Action Points (up from 0 before).
    Changed Indomitable perk. The penalty to Defense has been removed and the Damage Reduction has been reduced to 50% (down from 70%). Immunity to Stun and Knockback/Grab remains unchanged.
    Changed Rally the Troops skill to reduce fatigue of nearby allies by 50% of the user’s resolve (down from 100%).
    Changed supplies dropped as loot at enemy bases to be lower.
    Added Vampire Dust as new loot dropped by Withered Vampires to give more of a reward when winning against these tough opponents.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    By popular request you can now upgrade to the Supporter Edition on the storepage if you want to further support development of Battle Brothers and get some goodies as a thank you!
    Some more bugfixes before we move on to balancing changes.


    Fixed crash when using the Hook skill under specific circumstances.
    Fixed crash on retreating from combat while an arrow is still travelling towards a target.
    Fixed rare bug that could potentially make savegames unloadable.
    Fixed Ghouls not ending their turns as they should in some cases.
    Fixed turns ending prematurely when using the Perfect Focus skill with only 7 AP left.
    Fixed turns ending prematurely when killing targets with ranged attacks with barely enough AP left but the Berserk perk active.
    Added Ghoul Teeth as new loot dropped by Ghouls.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    Another update to celebrate our one-week-anniversary.
    Fixed resurrected Wiedergangers being untargetable in rare cases.
    Fixed allied locations sometimes disappearing from the worldmap after losing a battle.
    Fixed tooltips for combatants not being displayed correctly in combat anymore after the last update.
    Fixed rare issue with Escort Caravan contract.
    Fixed text label backgrounds on the worldmap sometimes not updating correctly to fit the actual text.
    Fixed spelling mistake at Fainthearted trait description.
    Changed items placed in a character’s bag to apply half their normal fatigue penalty (from none before).
    Changed the Bags and Belts perk to remove this new fatigue penalty in addition to still unlocking 2 additional bag slots.
    Changed Dodge perk to use a character’s current initiative and no longer the base initiative.
    Changed Lamellar Harness to have 210 armor (from 245) and -26 Max Fatigue (from -30) as originally intended.
    Changed difficulty rating shown on the worldmap to be relative to the estimated strength of the player’s party instead of being based on absolute values. If a group of orcs is now labelled ‘weaker’ it should actually be weaker than the player’s party. Probably still needs a lot of tweaking, though.
    Changed Armorparts and Ammunition to be more readily available at cities.
    Changed idle sounds to play for hidden opponents as well.
    Added auto-pause after combat ends.
    Added hint to unpause by pressing the ‘Spacebar’ key to paused overlay on the worldmap.
    Added the ‘F’ key to end turns in tactical combat.
    We’ve also added some more output to the logfile to help us in tracking down the bug that sometimes causes opponents not to end their turn. If you encounter it again, please mail us your logfile as described here. Thanks!
    Battle Brothers – Update
    I think I’m getting the sniffles.
    Fixed compatibility issues with some video cards.
    Fixed rare crash on using the Rotation skill.
    Fixed game locking up on orcs charging a caravan donkey.
    Fixed issue with Discover Location contract.
    Fixed issue with combatants spawning at unreachable tiles on forest maps. Probably needs further attention.
    Fixed Perfect Focus skill not being reset correctly after combat finishes.
    Fixed contract offers not being cancelled upon destruction of a location when entering a city a split second after completing a contract.
    Fixed quivers not being dropped as loot.
    Fixed spelling mistake in some helmet descriptions.
    Changed worldmap speed of some enemy parties to be slightly lower to give the player more of a chance to avoid battle.
    Changed caravan donkey to have more hitpoints and thereby last a bit longer in combat.
    Changed caravans to be slightly cheaper for villages and cities to create.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    Even more fixes.
    Fixed crash on using the Swing or Split skills under specific circumstances.
    Fixed rare case of UI vanishing.
    Fixed overlay not being cleared correctly on entering the character screen while having a skill selected in combat.
    Fixed offhand remaining blocked when a two-handed weapon would break in combat.
    Fixed Debilitate skill not working as intended.
    Fixed combat not ending at Necromancer’s Lair location.
    Changed characters equipped with a Billhook to spawn in the second line of battle until there is a real deployment phase or pre-battle formation setup, which may be a while still.
    Changed range of attribute increases to be 1 point lower on overall so that characters scale less heavily with level.
    Changed friendly locations on the worldmap to regenerate their resources up to a certain point so that they can never be completely bled dry. Will need a complete overhaul eventually, but should help for now.
    Changed bandit camp cap to be lower so that they aren’t all over the map in the lategame.
    Changed undead to have more of an active presence on the worldmap.
    Changed number of provisions dropped as loot to be lower.
    Added the ability to zoom in and out using the PageUp and PageDown keys both on the worldmap and in tactical combat.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    More fixes.
    Fixed crash on viewing the Footwork skill tooltip on the worldmap.
    Fixed crash on viewing the Killing Frenzy effect tooltip.
    Fixed UI issue with the Exterminate Beasts contract.
    Fixed Indomitable skill not being usable.
    Fixed Perfect Focus effect not being removed correctly.
    Fixed accuracy bonus of Slash skill not being applied correctly.
    Fixed characters unable to reach level 11.
    Fixed issue with using ‘.’ in savegame names.
    Changed quickload/quicksave to be disabled while any UI menu is shown.
    Changed skeletons of all kinds to have a 50% damage resistance against Pierce, Puncture and Thrust skills. This makes spearwalls also less effective against them, at least in terms of dealing damage.
    Changed XP required for levelup starting from level 5 to be slightly higher so that reaching max level takes a bit longer.
    We’ll continue to fix all the critical issues first over the next coming days.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    Another bunch of fixes.
    Buyers of the Supporter Edition should now find The Fangshire in their inventory when starting a new campaign.
    Fixed crash on killing charging orcs with the Spearwall skill.
    Fixed crash on using special characters in save game names.
    Fixed bug that had the game not continue when AI moves in combat under certain circumstances.
    Fixed bug that could leave the player stuck when pressing Escape just after ordering a retreat.
    Fixed combat potentially not ending when mercenaries would reach the maximum character level.
    Fixed contract UI not updating correctly on loading a save from inside a campaign.
    Fixed Crusher perk not working as intended.
    Fixed incorrect articles used for some enemy types in the engage screen.
    Fixed additional chance to hit head for ranged weapons not being displayed correctly in the character stats.
    Fixed ranged engage AI sometimes positioning too boldly at the beginning of combat because they can’t see all the Battle Brothers yet.
    Changed the after-combat-report to always lead the player to the loot screen before allowing him or her to return to the worldmap.
    Changed combat between AI parties on the worldmap to take slightly longer in order to give the player more time to react.
    Changed starting lineup to no longer include the Beggar background.
    Changed save games to be shown ordered by date last modified.
    We’ll continue to fix all the critical issues first over the next coming days.
    Battle Brothers – Update
    The game’s been out for one day now and we’re truly amazed at how well it was received. Thank you all for your great support!
    Unfortunately it was pretty much inevitable that a bunch of bugs would pop up once a larger group of people start playing the game. We’re working tirelessly to fix them and have now made a first update to the game.
    Fixed crash on loading a save from inside the campaign under some circumstances.
    Fixed crash related to entity placement at the beginning of combat in tight spaces.
    Fixed that the game could freeze later on in a campaign when enemy factions were running out of names for new camps and fortresses they built.
    Fixed error in preloading of scripts that could cause all manner of problems.
    Fixed edge-of-screen scrolling not working correctly on the worldmap.
    Fixed quest givers sometimes not cancelling their offers to destroy a location when the location had in fact already been destroyed outside the contract.
    Fixed equipment of characters deserting the player not being equippable again by other characters.
    Fixed arrows and javelins not showing on Orc Warrior corpses.
    Changed worldmap generation for a higher chance of villages being placed.
    Changed minimum garrison of orc bases to be slightly larger.
    Changed ‘Push the Advantage’ perk description for clarity.
    Changed the F12 key to no longer open the command console.
    A crash related to undead resurrecting may also be fixed, but as we’ve been unable to reproduce the problem so far we can’t be sure. Please let us know if the problem persists with the updated version.
    Our priority is now to fix all crashes and showstoppers and then start adding some of the features you guys requested, such as a warning popup for the loot.

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