Topic: Pending contracts appear in new locales at other end of map after sea travel

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    A new thing I’ve noticed in the .17 version is that, if you agree contract terms without signing it, the same contract shows up for acceptance in other locales (I think just those owned by the same house). This might be intended, but it seems impractical in some situations. For example, if you agree the terms of a patrol contract and then travel to a distant part of the map by sea, you might get the opportunity to sign the contract at the new locale but be left a long way from the region in which the contract needs to be carried out. Or, if it’s just a simple attack mission, the target may be far away from view on your map. If you’ve provisionally agreed lots of different contracts, it becomes impossible to remember which ones were agreed in which locations …

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    Definitely seems like a bug. Just agreed a patrol contract without signing it, and then travelled to what would have been the first stop. The same contract showed up at that locale, and so I signed it there and, as soon as I exited the town, I was informed that the first part of the patrol was complete!

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    Changed how this works for the next update.

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