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    On the Heebee Jeebeeness of The Beast of the Beast
    Blakenstad Journal…. Issue 3 Vol 41.

    Critical Anatomist Reviews, Published by…. the captain of The PhD Brothers in…. 32

    …rather green and shromish nature of kraken, one should fight the mosters as ancients did. The necrosavant and thei…. Tactical seperation of figthers …were ….indeed useful to survive from tentancles deadly att…. Empricial experience suggest that The Beast of the Beasts does not unleash its octopus-like body parts boldy through its hunting field. It rather …..and tries to move them based on the number of threats it sees at that point. One can retreat back some of fighters ,after fighting forces are seperated, and… while reducing deadly potential of the tentacles’ bite. Although it is… and quite impossible… to…back withouth….killing it.

    Such a cautious instict may be the result of its former fights with necrosavants. One wonders if the ancients were….and such that…it triggered the survive instict of the Kraken to the point of being cautious while also being at top of the food chain.

    Bog King’s Draught was extra…d from the beast with a care as as it can be care..ll, if it is possibly to treat such a dang..ous being with care,….and such that…even its dead but still deadly-looking corpse. It would be a waste to use such a potion to “harden ya cock” as local wouls say, who … seen to be into beastiary and hearbaliary, e.g., melons and horses. We ana..mist are against such a trea..ent of living beings, if not also scientific … all.

    We have lost 4 brothers, some eaten alive, and now had to live with 4 injured brothers. Anatomist Gottfried the pig will ….s service with a compe… due to broken knee. Same broken knee wont m… Lienhard to throw javelis…s efficiently…but…the pig wont be the shieldbearer what he used to be. Our sergant , a man of high willpo… but with an unscient…c belief in some god doesnt seem to care for one of his eyes. Surely, the position…and role…which he wasnt using both of his eyes for the company anyway.

    Kudos to fallen brothers and….and those who h… leave with a scar! One questions, whether we fought the Kraken for …ientific pursuit or simply for the trincets and marbles, which we paid in blood. Maybe, both…Maybe, just the temptation to overcome something impossible… Whatever our inte…ons were, scien.e preve..ed and heebee jeebeeness of the kraken is exp…ned. At least more t… any academy in the southerns cities of Tar…, …. and Ras Sanan has done so far, or the crazy lady who was high on mushrooms; the …who lead PhD Brot…o this phenomenon.

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