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    The fact that you are going to include female “warriors” is preventing me from buying this game.
    I thought it is going to be semi-realistic game set in low fantasy world, but it turns out it isnt going to be one.
    Why should I buy a game that says in the faq that it is eventually going to turn to shit?
    Could you, please, reconsider it?
    Or, maybe, add “tumblrless” mode without such stupid stuff?


    Man, you’re serious? It sounds like trolling… Perhaps there is a gynophobia.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    There are orcs and goblins and zombies and direwolves and withered vampires …

    Why not have some females, for fuck’s sake?

    Avatar photoWeis

    this is a troll guys

    Avatar photoVereor Nox

    I love the idea of battle sisters. How many times in medieval lore have you seen the badass archer remove their hood to reveal a woman….. Or that big ginger woman who runs the local pub that can manhandle the most burliest drunkard?

    Women can be nimble and quick which means high initiative. Often good supports due to their soothing/healing/nurturing nature. Support skills are usually so dominant that they can sway a losing battle. Think skills like captain/rally the troops, both op skills.

    As I said before it should be realistic and not some half-naked 20yo with DD’s and a enchanted greatsword. XD

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    @regi, Why don’t u want women warriors in the game? U hate women or something? Lmao! They are probably gonna be an option NOT mandatory.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    I think, first and foremost, it’d be great to diversify the peasantry, and perhaps as noble ladies, present on the battlefield or as quest-givers. The warrior women aspect will also be cool so long as it’s not taken to the equal-representation more at home in high-fantasy.

    Wildling huntresses, thugish maids, vengeful widows, bitter whores, disguised daughters, fleeing “witches”, religious nuts, and tom-boys will only add to the setting, if littered lightly in your recruitment pools as a surprise alternative.

    I very much doubt there’d be an aesthetic change in regards to how armours are portrayed on women, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were lower base stats and caps for most female backgrounds similar to many refugees and such. Perhaps for the average run away maidan something like ++determination (as being a woman soldier would require ovaries of steel) and –stamina -MDefence +dodge (as most women aren’t brutes)

    See how things shape up though, I’m not under the impression we’ll end up with a bunch of warrior nuns in steel bikinis.

    Avatar photojere8184

    i dont know personally with the gritty setting of battle brothers just seems unneeded to have female warriors

    im not sure but the world of battle brothers seems to take some inspiration from asoiaf and in the books they is a heavy stigma attached to being a warrior women.

    i guess i dont mind one or two special female warriors but if half my available mercenaries turn out to be women in the future i will probably try mod them out when its possible

    in my opinion i think female mercenaries dont have much of a place in this game but one or two rare characters would be cool

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    I’d suggest that women are definitely needed within the setting simply as part of the peasantry, as they make-up a larger percentage of most human populations.

    Following on from that trail of thought, on female warriors, if female assets (body types) are introduced it seems like a missed opportunity not to allocate a slither (1/10th-20th ?) of the recruitment pool to the ladies, that you needn’t even recruit.

    More interestingly adding ladies as potential soldiers of fortune could facilitate story events like fights over sexist remarks and assault, alongside contributing some grim backstories.

    In terms of having to fight ladies, I would not expect to see any women in professional armies, however perhaps a wildling force would not be opposed to female archers, bandits might take whoever will join them, and upon being attacked a civilian caravan will muster whoever they can.

    Point blank it would make a lot of sense to have female representation and availability as a recruitment option, it just boils down to keeping the level of representation proportional to the setting. i.e. brienne of tarth being an oddity rather than the norm.

    Avatar photomekaerwin

    Mostly I just hope they don’t try to put in an equal amount of women to men chars as that’s just silly. They were certainly the minority even up to very recently. It’s only just changing in the US mil. They’ve served, but not as front-liners. And they’ll always be the minority. And lastly, I hope they don’t sexify them. I know many will disagree, but being a female gamer I know that’s something many of us detest. So far the mock up and few women pictures in game have been great, I’d just hate to see it devolve into yet another fantasy game with ridiculous women in even more ridiculous armor.

    Avatar photoHanekem

    Keep in mind there had bee quite a lot of women along the ages that have taken the sword, even in modern times.
    Here, have a LINK
    Heh, While it is modern times and therefore well “after” the time of the game, ever heard of La Maupin?

    Avatar photoWargasm

    ^ What a magnificent character La Maupin was!

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