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    I’ve notice the group here that seems to have the most issues with running the game (most of which is probably the “critical exception” error) are Radeon users.
    ^ This link (via Christof) will allow users with older models to download the latest drivers. Download links are at the bottom of the linked page. The AMD Gaming Evolved software should indicate (pic below) that you have the latest drivers upon completion once you’ve downloaded. From that point I would restart Steam completely (go into process and shutdown if necessary), then restart your computer to ensure all is well (hopefully). Once that’s done, give the game a try. It SHOULD work. I’m using an AMD Radeon 5700 series from like half a decade ago, so I cannot imagine this not working for the other users.

    Good luck, guys! I hope this helps a little.

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    Another possible fix for Radeon users is turning off/uninstalling something called Plays.TV. AMD might install it for you when you update your drivers and you aren’t paying attention.

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