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    As the title suggests a feature to mitigate some of the randomness pre-battle would be amazing. Being able to plant a brand new, or vulnerable battle brother in the 2nd rank to prevent that miraculously magical first round crossbow bolt insta kill would be amazing. By miraculous I mean nearly constant.

    I’ve mentioned it in the past, and I believe I read it was hard or impossible to implement currently, but could you please consider it for a future update? It could replace or be added to the utility tree. Possibly a 2nd, or maybe even 3rd tier perk. That way you can maintain the brutally random nature of the combat early on, and then allow for more intelligent decisions to be made later on. From a roleplay perspective it could simply be that after surviving enough massacres in the forest where brothers got spawned in isolated, and were subsequently mauled by vampires, one grizzled tactician realized there may just be better formations for small scale combat in the tight confines of the forest.

    I swear he didn’t have a frown before this battle :

    Please Overhype, Billy the Archer needs your help.

    Avatar photoCapirage

    Totally agree with this. Maybe some “captain perk” could be implemented for that.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    I agree 100%. if this is not an attack on your mercenaries from ambush – you just have to be able to put them as you see fit. Considering that in the next patch we are waiting for a change of tactical battle map, alignment before the battle – a necessary thing. I think that the initial version, such as the ability to rearrange them within a radius of 2-3 cells and some advanced – in the range of mercenaries’s vision with the help of the capitan’s ability “tactics” – would be appropriate.
    if I am not mistaken, developers have responded positively to such offers

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    A pre-battle formation setup of some kind is a planned feature. This won’t require any perks to use. There still will be occasions where it won’t be available, however, such as when being ambushed.

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    Avatar photoIndus

    Great news. I’m glad you guys are aware of the desire Rap. Being ‘punished’ on ambushes only seems right, it is an ambush after all.

    Another idea would be to increase the distance between the lines forming up. Simulating the battle ‘starting’ earlier to give you a chance to form up as you see fit before things come to blows. That way the player puts the brother in a position to be ganked by 3 enemies himself, and it goes from a situation of the spawns screwing them to user error. In any case, I’m really looking forward to the Worldmap updates, keep up the good work, and thanks for everyones input.

    Avatar photoSurrealistik

    Yeah, definitely a thing that should exist; there might be a limited deployment area you can place your soldiers in as you like outside of an ambush scenario prior to the start of combat.

    If you gain the ability to ambush an enemy, then your deployment area could be significantly larger. Perhaps the deployment area would vary in size depending on your group’s average initiative vs the enemy’s average initiative? Would give initiative some additional value.

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