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    I was thinking that small game could be added and the picture could show a dead rabbit, geese, ducks or whatever is the most common small game in Germanic lands. I was also thinking that when you have hunters and poachers that maybe once a day you could send them out to forage for roots and berries, small game, and venison while in wooded areas, similar to the hunting event where you get free venison. The success chances could depend on their ranged skill if that is possible to implement, or whatever is easiest for you guys to do. I think it should take enough time to help extend your trips to the wild but not enough that you can profit from it. I was thinking this because when you have a large party that burns through food it only makes sense that having highly skilled hunters/poachers would add provisions while in wild lands. Maybe even add a injury chance. I say this because when I travel in the wild I find I am somewhat limited at times of how long I can be out because of spoilage/running out of food. Also vegetables could be added as a provision, and the picture can display common Germanic veggies like cabbage, turnips, carrots, etc.. These two provisions would be similar to the roots and berries provision in that it shows many different things under one generic category. This would also give our battle brothers access to all the food groups: Dairy, fruits, grains, meat, vegetables and alcohol.

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    Need chocolate, eggs and hazelnuts as well.

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    Yes, Yes! and sushi too, and chicken mcnuggets also……but if you are not being sarcastic, chocolate seeds would come from the “new world” and not really belong to this game. Eggs could be included in a poultry provision maybe, and nuts in a foraged provision. I only mentioned the small game and vegetables because I thought it would be a small lore friendly addition. I don’t imagine it would be strange to think farmers grow vegetables and that there is small game wandering the forests of these Germanic themed lands. I thought of it because of the Viking conquest addition to mount and blade warband where while you where at sea you could camp and gain fish. You would never get rich doing this but it helped in a pinch when you needed the provisions while at sea.

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