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    Yeah, I don’t know if it’s a bug, but the duelist perk could apply 25% more damage to puncture skill(2nd skill for dagger) since 0.7beta and haven’t been remove on release, i thought it was working as intended.

    But, it gets really wiered refering to named weapon such like the one I got 25-51base damage 34% piercing and 70% anti-armor. ( 20-40, 20%, 70% for normal dagger).
    And when I equipe it to a brother with duelist, well, it can be seen 14% more damage is inflict to puncture which is the bonus for named weapon.

    At last I tested it last night just found there is no actual damage bonus to dagger now, either the duelist or the bonus from named weapon, maybe it’s only a tooltips text bug, or maybe it’s something else?

    Another thing is that is there any hit chance bonus for spear wall?

    Avatar photoFlickering

    Another thing I found is that throwing weapon also benefit from duelist, is that a bug or working as intended?
    And there are rare occasion use named throwing weapon with 57% piercing only has 45% piercing working when hit head which is the status of normal javelin

    Avatar photonope100500

    Thrown duelist seems to be intended (or at least balanced, because thrown need it to be worth using).

    Avatar photoRap

    Fixed the tooltip, thanks for reporting. The ‘Duelist’ perk working with throwing weapons is working as intended.

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