Topic: Quality of Life we desperately need with Viking expansion

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    Dear BB developers. Love the game so much! But there are a few Quality of Life improvements we could really use when you release the expansion. If these are expansion only that’s fine! I’ll pay either way.

    * We cannot read the white named location text over mountains as it’s white on white. Maybe give us a toggle for colors for the text? Or maybe just outline all the text with black so it stands out a little more.

    * When it says to go hunt something in “x area”, please have the mission text give us a direction. We can be searching forever. Like I just had to find Unholds, Alps, Hexen in the Barun region, but I had no clue where it was and spent 2 real world hours trying to find it. Thank goodness this wasn’t an iron man game or my group would have starved and gone bankrupt.

    * Inventory still needs more slots. When trying to outfit your characters, due to the sheer amount of stuff you need to carry, if you take everything off everyone (20 man crew) so you can see their bare stats, you run out of room to organize and plan. Starting with 15 more slots would be perfect to alleviate this.

    * Please integrate the formation mod into the game.

    * A shortcut key to hide all the interface elements would be extremely helpful when trying to find or watch your party in the Northern areas of the map.

    * Please adjust the map creation RNG so each map has at least one fletcher and one lumber camp.

    * In regards to map RNG, please reduce the amount of mountains.

    * A “sort by value” option for the inventory would be very nice.

    Thanks for such a great game and your continued support :)

    Avatar photosoupidity

    Was expecting this to be a silly post, but actually your requests are fair, though I disagree 100% with the reduction in mountains. They’re a big part of what shapes a map.

    Avatar photojpinard

    I’d like to add one more thing since I just had the issue again:

    * Nightmares are almost impossible to see when behind a tree or when on a space where someone died and some extra blackness is hanging around. Not sure what can be done, but maybe an outline or something to make them stand out a little more. I’ve been hurt so many times trying to move only to have the Nightmare hit me since I couldn’t see it was there.

    Avatar photojpinard

    We could also use:
    * Stop retreat button. For when a unit gets surrounded when retreating, they are insta-dead. Stop retreat we could then try to defend the surrounded guy.
    * Shieldwall all button.

    Avatar photoxterminal86

    I think map creation parameters should be tuneable, like in Legends mod.

    Avatar photosoupidity

    I think tuneable map options isn’t a terrible idea, but I also think that Legends mod should not be something to model the main game after.

    Avatar photojpinard

    I would also like to see better (more) road connectivity. Some maps are a terrible chore to play because it takes a terrible amount of time to move between cities due to no roads connecting cities where they should exist.

    Avatar photoTrappist

    I agree with pretty much all these requests, not concerned about number of mountains though. I’ll add in two more:

    Skip 1st round button would be good.
    Opportunity when ambushed to choose which 12 Bros respond, but not chance to change their equipment loadout.

    Avatar photojpinard

    Opportunity when ambushed to choose which 12 Bros respond

    That would be nice.

    Avatar photoHanekem

    I think the map needs work, but as a QoL I’d love the chance to edit the map or use “made” maps as opposed to relying on the almighty RNG.
    Specially inregards roads, some maps have terrible road placement to the point they break immersion

    Avatar photoslimpwarrior

    I’d love if devs would integrate the hotkey mod into the game

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