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    1. Maybe allow people to look at the map when delivery quests are given? Or maybe add the general direction (north, south-east etc) in the text. There are many occasions where I accepted a good delivery quest only to find it’s going the exact opposite direction to where I was headed.

    2. If the quest was for you to clear out some grave robbers and it turns out to be a horde of zombies, why can’t you escape, go back to the client and re-negotiate? “Hey mate, we charge extra for the undead.” It seems more realistic if your client hired you to do X but turns out Y is needed.

    3. I’m 20+ hrs in and have yet to see a single escort caravan quest. Was it taken down for this version?

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    1. Choose “I’ll need some time to think about this” before agreeing to a contract to take a look at the map.
    3. We have a new escort contract written and waiting to be implemented.

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