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    Here I would like to invite all forum members to post ideas for new quest types. Here is one of my ideas.

    Artifact Hunting – Your brothers are sent on a mission to recover a specific artifact (this could be a weapon, a magical or just very valuable item) from a specific enemy encampment, OR for extremely valuable and high level quests, from a general area of the worldmap which may contain a number of different sites all of which must be searched until the artifact it found. Once found, the player must make a choice about whether to return it to the individual who sent the brothers, keep the artifact for yourself, or try to find a separate buyer for the artifact which may be more profitable. Alternative buyers for the item might be heard about the local taverns for example.

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    this type of quest only for late stage of the game or if developers added the ability to take more than 1 contract at the same time.

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