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    First, I will describe the situation which brought up those questions.
    I’ve taken an ambition to defeat another mercenary band. They had 8 men, i attacked and killed 4 of them, but their equipment and levels were far to superior to mine, so I had to retreat =) After that I saw the same band with 10 members, so they’ve got 6 new members, but – here are the questions.

    Are mercenary bands generated automatically at the state they are roaming a map, or they also have to hire and level up their members, get new gear and so on?
    So, if I attack this band, there will be 6 new guys with level as high as other members, or this will be 6 new newbs with lower levels and possibly worse equipment?

    Do those guys need to heal and repair their equipment, so if I attack them after they had a battle or I fought the, will they have damaged equipment and lowered health, or they will be all new and shiny?

    Do that guys have a renown or something? Being able to see their renown could be good to partially understand the power of the band.

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    from my observation, the AI bands are in the parallax dimension of the BB world, which means they are like others AI units on the map who wont need to train new guys nor repair nor heal, their gears are randomly spawned in each different encounter, their number will increase once they sit their asses on a settlement, and they will always have some guys as strong as bandit leader, and if you are lucky, you will find one or two tier 1 bandit raider like.

    i havent met this quest you mentioned, but when i was been chasing by a AI band, i lured them to a orc camp to get a little help.

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    Guess that’s right, I had a contract to protect town from siege where you fight 3 different greenskins parties with noble house squad on your side, and every time noble house’s Captain had different face XD It’s a pity that BB world isn’t alive but just pseudo-alive.

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