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    The battle was dragging on and the other Brothers grew restless. “Will the two of you be done with it already!” Shouted Wolf. Annoyed at the silly bet Otto and Ragnar had waged, or perhaps jealous of their ability to take off heads with such proficiency, he stomped his foot on the ground and shook his head thinking of all the crowns they could be earning.

    “Sooner than you think!” Shouted Otto – who had been toying with the inept raiders like a cat toys with a mouse before consuming it. He was known as “The Tyrant” for a reason. “Now watch and learn, Ragnar!” As he charged wildly at the band, one of them jumped out from a bush and bashed him on the head, sending him into a daze.

    The other mercenaries burst into laughter, giving the raiders a concerned look as they turned to one another in bewilderment. What band of mercenaries are these, so utterly confident that they could laugh as their Brother takes a direct bludgeon hit to the head?

    Recovering from his fit of laughter, Ragnar gets up and says, “What good is all that Melee skill, Otto, if you cannot use it? You are the only one who can match me with a blade, but forget not that I have brains under this helmet!” The other mercenaries once again burst into laughter and Ragnar, seizing the moment, let loose a piercing battle cry and charged forward into the band of raiders. With one mighty swing of his sword he cleaved two heads off and mortally wounded another. Berserk with rage, he swung once more and cleanly sliced the head off the third.

    The brothers fell silent, awestruck by the feat. Pools of blood flowed down the hill like a river, and the look of fear on the faces of the gushing heads were surpassed only by the terror of the remaining bandits.

    “Oh, damn you Ragnar!”, said Otto, arising from his concussion. Begrudgingly, he announced “You win. The Title is yours.”

    And from that day forward Ragnar the Destroyer became known as Ragnar the Decapitator.

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    Whoa, that was awesome. Thanks for sharing :)

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    Glad you enjoyed it ;) I’m still trying to get 6 decapitations in 1 swing lol

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