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    Werewolf Man Takes place along a road beside a forest During Morning or Dawn

    Amidst your journey, you notice something strange. You discover a naked man lying face down in the dirt at the edge of the nearby forest who appears to be unconscious. As you approach the sleeping man your men begin to question whether he’s a drunkard down on his luck or perhaps something more tragic.

    You investigate for yourself while your men keep an eye out for a possible ambush. Closer inspection of the man’s back and arms reveal fresh scars, making you question whether they’re from a previous battle or if they self inflicted. You lift his head to see if he’s breathing only to find his mouth ominously covered in dark dried blood. You flinch backwards in shock and confusion when one of you men aids your balance and to check if everything was alright.

    Your brother in arms notices dried blood masking the man’s hands and says the man is unarmed, confirming you assumptions. The rumors and legends weren’t convincing but they were true, the man lying down in front of you is a werewolf. Your fellow comrade asks what you wish to do with him.

    Option 1: Slit the mans throat as he sleeps
    Option 2: Bring him with us but keep him under watch
    Option 3: Bring him to a local church for demon hunters to cure him or… kill him

    Option 1: Bring his body to demon hunters for a reward
    Option 2: Additional Battle Brother that transforms into a Werewolf during the night to fight alongside you and your men (as a werewolf if battle is in the night time) Shackles need to be equipped to stop him from killing party members, villagers, livestock, etc.
    Part 1 Option 3: The man is cured and wishes to join your company with a feral rage perk(once damage is taken, damage output is increased by 35%)
    Part 2 Option 3: The man is killed by the town’s demon hunters and you receive a larger reward than option 1

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