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    Hey guys,

    I have some plans for drastically improving ranged combat in the game. First of all, I’ll introduce three new weapons: two crossbows and one bow. I believe adding new ranged weapons is a must because there are only 5 currently in the game (two of which are nearly unattainable: the overseer’s crossbow and the masterwork bow) when not accounting for thrown weapons. These weapons will help fill the tier gaps. By this, I mean that most of the weapons come in tiers. For example, we have a tier 1 hatchet, a tier 2 hand axe, and a tier 3 fighting axe. This structure is used repeatedly for melee weapons and is needed for ranged combat as well.

    Crossbows: All statements about stats will be relative to the current crossbow in the game.

    Tier 1: Light Crossbow

    Pros: It will be cheaper to buy and require less fatigue to carry, shoot, and reload. It will also be able to fire 1.5 bolts a turn. Read on to discover how.

    Cons: weak damage and shorter range: 6 tiles.

    It will work like this. Reloading will cost 3 AP and firing will cost 3 AP. This way the first turn it will be shoot, reload, and shoot. The next turn will be reload, shoot, and reload. This is for a stationary battle brother. Therefore it will give you the ability to fire an average of 1.5 arrows a turn, or 1 bolt a turn and then move a little. The mobility makes sense because it is, in fact, a *light* crossbow.

    Tier 2: Crossbow

    The one we have now would serve well as a tier 2 weapon with only two minor changes. First, the Action Point costs should be 3 to fire and 6 to reload (to match the other crossbows) instead of the current 2 and 7 respectively. Second, the range should be equal to the hunting bow (7 tiles). In reality, crossbows can fire further and more accurately than bows. The accuracy part is already included with the +20% hit chance, and the range part should be included as well.

    Tier three: Arbalest/Heavy crossbow

    Pros: Greater damage and range: 8 tiles. (I’ll address the need for an increase in vision and the helmet penalties later)

    Cons: Very expensive, and require greater fatigue to carry, shoot, and reload. AP costs should be 3 to fire and 6 to reload.

    This will be the “Sniper” weapon of Battle Brothers. Maybe OP, but damage can be tweaked.


    Tier 1: The current short bow works fine.

    Tier 2: The current hunting bow works fine as well. All it needs is a slight increase to hit chance. Let’s say +10%.

    Tier 3: War Bow
    This weapon should be the most expensive and use the most fatigue. But is should do more damage, fire further (8 tiles), and have a +20% chance to hit.

    Vision and helmets:

    First of all, vision should be increased to an average of 8 for all Battle Brothers. I see no reason for this to be a problem (pun absolutely intended). And it isn’t that big of a change. It really wouldn’t hurt to try. It’s also necessary if you are going to include the War Bow and Arbalest.

    Second, archers should have specialized, more expensive helmets (as compared to a helmet that offers equal protection) that don’t so greatly restrict their vision.
    Again in reality, a helmet doesn’t restrict how far you see; it restricts your field of view. I have an idea that is completely underdeveloped but here it is anyway.


    Get rid of helmet vision restrictions and instead give helmets with greater armor an increasingly greater negative penalty to your melee and ranged skills. This makes sense in reality and in a video game. It makes sense in a video game because it is a direct trade-off between offensive and defensive capabilities which is pretty standard in every videogame ever. It also makes sense in reality because it’s harder to fire a bow accurately when you have a big bulky helmet on. It’s also harder to aim your weapon and swing it accurately at the targets around you when your field of view is hampered.

    In any case, please give serious consideration to all that was said before the disclaimer, and try to at least think on the idea of replacing the vision penalties of helmets with a penalty to your melee and ranged skill.

    Well guys, what do you think?

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    I liked the bit about helmets and vision.

    Avatar photoAnonymous

    I agree that we need more ranged weapons, and adding more tiers for the xbow and the bow

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