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    Avatar photoSir Michael Starr

    While I appreciate the permanence of crises being able to destroy cities, it honestly doesn’t seem to work out to well given how it’s, well, permanent. And after the crisis is over, there’d be no reason for the survivors not to resettle. I’d like some mechanics to have formerly destroyed towns being rebuilt. That’d be a great way to have the player see over how it goes as well, as the rebuilt town would be short of supplies or weak to being raided.

    Avatar photobobombnik

    I agree.. cities should be able to rebuild ruined resources after some time. I’m currently running through the noble houses war, and they’re sacking eachothers cities.. this leaves a bunch of cities with no supplies and bad prices. Maybe add contracts that assist in the rebuilding process by some means? Supply escorts, guarding builders for a time, etc.

    Avatar photoKuroi_Kaze

    Destroyed locations will be rebuild on its own with time. With War of the Noble crisis no city can be destroyed completely. It’s how it works.

    Avatar photofrank_will

    Do you guys have an idea how long it takes, I had some cities destroyed for already quite long?

    Avatar photoAle

    To be honest, i’m kinda sure cities can’t be rebuild right now. In my campaign, the first city got destroyed on day 75. Until now, day 600, this city has not been rebuilt. I’m about to end my campaign, I have like 5 or 6 cities left.. just not fun to play anymore..

    Avatar photofrank_will

    That kinda sucks, it can potentially make the game unplayable for the ones that like to play long campaigns, also because you are not really much notified when a city is under attack to try to prevent it.
    We have to consider that sometimes just one or two cities/town have a certain building, Veteran Hall/Temple etc… so if they are gone, that game dynamic is out.

    Devs what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it can be changed? Make cities a bit more dynamic in the way they get razed and rebuilt, maybe just make it come back with no special building and after a while also those are rebuilt?

    Just would like to know what you think about it :)

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