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    Avatar photoBaron von Tiefen

    Hello to everyone. Many thanks to developers of the game. You guys are doing fantastic game!
    I have some suggestions to improve the game to my mind. Maybe you will find it interesting.

    You can implement command positions of the medieval mercenary band together with perks. It will work as perks in battle (mostly) and you can choose them in separate list, but with some additional nuances.

    For instance;
    1. Every 4 mercenaries in the regiment open additional command position
    2. Regiment could have 3 command position in total: commander, ensigner, corporal
    3. Each command position has its own grades and give you some bonuses. For instance:
    –Commander – increasing the size of the regiment (from 6 to 12 men by grades)
    –Ensigner – increasing bonuses from moral or what ever with moral
    –Corporal – increasing some bonuses of all mercenaries (m.def/r.def or what ever)

    For what they need?
    1. First of all, gradual increasing size of the regiment
    2. Some perks are working now as command positions. Let’s make it more interesting and implement instead of them new perks (more specific with some individual or weapon ability)
    3. It’s just part of gameplay. Interesting to know who is commander (officially) of the mercenary band. Maybe it will help to expand gameplay, quests and so on

    Avatar photoburmistrovj

    Good point, additionaly its a good thing to have you as expirience gaining leader that is like a HERO in Heroes game series that is concentrated in some skills affecting all squad in total. Guess that makes it a bit of hero like game =(

    Avatar photoMavsWorld

    I like the idea, but I really like the fact that they are perks. You do not become better as a commander by being given a title. Personally I think it makes far more sense to keep the perks as perks, and making the titles relatively hollow and only affect things like set up. I also think it would be great if you can choose who to give positions, where having someone unfit to take the role gives them a negative, or having too many can be negative. I think this would be far more in touch with the realistic approach the devs are going for. The best leader is not always the best fighter.

    Some suggestions along my line of thinking:

    People under a commander will gain more morale bonus for watching their leader kill someone, receive a big morale penalty if their leader is wounded or killed. This can be scaled so the company leader gives a bigger bonus and penalty than squad leaders.

    Prep talk: Leaders give talks before battle that can cause morale penalties and bonuses depending on their stats, experience, etc. This could also be built into normal traits, such as a leader being charismatic or bad at public speaking.

    An initiative bonus for being close to the squad leader, dependent on a stat of the squad leader (prob initiative), to represent a good squad leader relaying plans effectively and therefore the squad carrying out the plans more effectively. However, to stop people making everyone in the company with a good roll on this stat the leader, giving a reduction to the squad leaders combat stats, to represent them having to spend more time paying attention to positioning etc of their squad.

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