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    Reducing max fatigue(with heavy armor) will reduce initiative. Logically, it should work the other way around too, increasing max fatigue will increase initiative. But that’s wrong. I’ve only noticed this recently O|¯|_

    1) Can someone explain about relationship between Max Fatigue and Initiative? (I have my guesses but I doubt they are correct)

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    Within red square, higher max fatigue have higher initiative penalty.
    Within green square, lower max fatigue have lower initiative penalty
    Within blue square, even higher max fatigue have moderate initiative penalty.
    2) Please explain what affects initiative penalty.

    For clarification purpose, none of my brothers have Brawny.

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    Only +max fatigue u get from background and traits doesnt lower initiative. So it doesnt affect initiative if you put more points to max fatigue while leveling.
    All your hedges are strong 42-(10+15)=17, if they werent strong, they would get 42-10=32 initiative penalty. Strong swordmaster would get 42-15=27. Wildman 42-20=22 and with brawny 42/2-20=1 and so on…

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    It isn’t that -fatigue affects your initiative, it’s that armor lowers your initiative by the same amount as its penalty to fatigue.

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    I’ll repeat what was stated just to make sure I’ve understood things correctly on my end.

    ==> max fatigue doesn’t affect initiative nor has any relationship with it (but current fatigue does).
         ==> so increasing max fatigue upon level up will NOT increase initiative.
    ==> equipments(weapons & armors) lowers initiative and max fatigue by the same amount.
         ==> in addition, the initiative penalty (caused by equipment) is NULLIFIED by the amount of extra max fatigue provided by backgrounds and/or traits.
         ==> e.g. a brother with Strong trait (+15 max fatigue) equips a Greataxe (-16 max fatigue, -16 initiative)
         ==> his initiative penalty = -16 +15 = -1 initiative

    m(_ _)m Thank you, Jaffai the boss. Your answer is exactly what I wanted to know.

    m(_ _)m Thank you, Daedalus. Your additional explanation solved my last doubt, which supplements Jaffai’s answer. This has made his very impressive answer to be perfect.

    Oh boy I’m excited by the new patch, but I have no time for it now! Gaiz please wait for me! Don’t leave me alone and progress too fast!

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