Topic: Request: let start the first battle AFTER unpause

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    Hello devs,

    as title says.
    Now we are forced to fight the first battle no matter what.

    I’d rather like to check the world map & my brothers skills to understand if I like to play it and THEN to start a first battle.
    Otherwise I’d just like to feel free to change the map without wasting time on the battle in the game I will not play..

    Avatar photoMike


    Currently the problem is somewhat mitigated by the addition of map seeds, but I still think that it’s a sorely missing feature. Especially in regards to the random map generation.

    Avatar photoTaito

    Hallo devs

    +1 also from me

    I don’t know how often I did fight the first battle, only to restart instantly after, because I didn’t like the map. It is kind of a chore, if you try around 20 maps before finding one that seems good for a playthrough. It would be quite nice to be able to check the map and the brothers before having to fight.

    Best regards,

    Avatar photoNamespace


    890 hours in Battle Brothers. I estimate about 30-40 hours of those I have spent just fighting the first battle, then re-rolled for another map.

    Avatar photohakimio

    You should definitely be able to see the world map (and maybe some basic tips) before starting your first battle.

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