Topic: Reserve Crossbows No Longer Ready-Loaded !!!

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    — Be armed with one crossbow and have another in reserve
    — Shoot first crossbow (7 of 9 APts remaining)
    — Take another crossbow out of bag slot (3 of 9 APts remaining)
    — Try to shoot 2nd crossbow but can’t (says “must be reloaded before firing”, even though the 2nd crossbow hasn’t yet been fired)

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    Working as intended.

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    I hear that!! But, I also have to admit that it’s more realistic and it needed to change. Still … bummer.

    In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I always thought it was unrealistic to put a sword and shield away in bags, and take out a goblin pike, all without using any action points, and then use the jagged pike to impale a foe from two tiles away and still have enough action points to take out a large shield for protection … but, if I was taking around a reserve crossbow, I’d ensure it was always ready-loaded whenever battle beckoned. I’ve never used a crossbow before myself, but I can’t see anything unrealistic about that …

    Still, I suppose this change prevents another unrealistic thing that I used to do: miss with a punch or dagger stab, and then use Quick Hands to take out a crossbow to take advantage of Fast Adaptation …

    It was bloody annoying when you used to connect accidentally for meager damage with a punch …

    Avatar photoMonsieur Fourmi

    Having a loeaded crossbow on your back while you fight is not something you want to do I guess, clearly too dangerous since the arrow could just be shot by accident!
    And from a gameplay perspective this is clearly a good change.

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