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    -Horses in game would be pretty awesome, different kinds you can buy (war horse, pony, nag etc) with different kick damages/characteristics, armour for them, it would add a new dynamic (speed, flanking, charge attack with lances with knockback/stun) and you could include a skill tree specifically for efficient cavalry combat/movement.

    -A larger roster > 24 characters and battle sizes of > 16 would be cool too and could accommodate the cavalry aspect and then you could lead a decent size mercenary company, obviously you’d have to scale up the size of the enemy war bands over time as you build up this force.

    -I also tend to be using the same weapon combinations to deal with late game enemies so weapons with better stats/more options would be cool too.

    If I think of anything else I think is cool I’ll let you know, great game and good work! It’s a lot of fun!

    Thanks for reading

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