Topic: Riposte listed as an unfavourable factor when attacking from distance

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    No attachments for this one, since it’s simple to reproduce. Just select an attacking strike with a ranged weapon or with a two-tile weapon, and hover the cursor over an enemy who is in Riposte and who is not on a neighbouring tile, and you shall see that Riposte is listed as one of the unfavourable factors, even though it is not possible for the target to reach you with a counter-strike.

    More generally, it is also somewhat misleading to list Riposte as an unfavourable factor, since it suggests that it reduces the likelihood of the target being hit (and that it might be a good idea to waste energy by using Riposte yourself more frequently). It would be better if (when the target is on a neighbouring tile) it was listed as a distinct piece of information, so that you are still aware of it and can (e.g.) form a shieldwall before launching an attack, to reduce the risk of being hit if you miss.

    The above may also apply when an enemy target is using Spearwall.

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    Changed it to only be listed as a negative factor when the opponent is actually in range to perform a counter-attack.

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