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    what I mean by that are groups of low and high end units alike wich are remains of faction wars or smaller skirmishes between whatever kind of people.
    they would be simillar to bandits but different in terms of affiliation:

    -fighting against weak groups of caravans,player and peasent aslong they promisse some good loot (would work with the point that REITER mentioned.

    -while maybe also fighting for faction(again) simillar to other mercenary bands though only weaker and to be found on the streets (btw I really like the point of competition between mercenaries, and this might be a possibility to have it happen more frequent)

    -also there might be the possibility of orcs or goblins and humans confederating (but only one or two in human warbands not the other way around)/them being slaves of humans (I know it is not all to realistic : ( )

    BTW I am really looking forward to actually having structures and buildings (ruins, villages,…) on the battlefield that I am encountering the enemy on!!!

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