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    Would be great to be able to take refuge in castles and towers when I’m being chased by the golbin meat-grinders. I think this is pretty straightforward. On arriving you have the option to wait inside the fortress for a period of time, perhaps for a token fee.

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    so staying at a local inn, i like it, and of course it would not be for free, maybe a fee ranging from 5-15 per battle brother or something

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    I hate that you can’t. You just have to run around the area hoping that the Impossible enemy group just gets out of range. Have it like (Sorry for bringing up separate game) Like Mount and Blade. You enter a town, go to the Inn and that passes time as though you are sitting there. Have a extra monetary upkeep for the time you are staying there but remove they food upkeep since they can be eating the tavern food (since your men have like thousands of coin that they get from you and don’t spend). Same with castles but have to use your own provisions since the castle will not feed mercs.

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    not so much in order to hide, but how -That way normally spend 40 hours are required for the treatment of my brother after the den with the leader of the Orcs. No sane commander did not lead the wounded soldiers on the way to pray to them no one attacked. To wait in the castle or the city – it is reasonable, logical, and does not spoil the overall concept of the game

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    I agree with the need for the Safe Havens. They need to cost money, ideally the more banged up your guys are, the more it costs. I find myself running for the castle or towers in the hopes that a well equipped patrol will march out and engage my pursuers so I can get away. That doesn’t work well after the first couple of weeks, though. It seems the towns/castles/towers can’t replace lost troops.

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    After an unsuccessful caravan escort in which I fought off two bandit raider parties and a party of goblin ambushers at the cost of 6 lives and nearly all my decent equipment and money only to have a second goblin ambush party chase me half way across the map, until I lost them – I was two steps from the city when a group of orc scouts ambushed and mopped up the exhausted ill-equipped veterans. No militia came to help and there was no where to run to. Very demoralizing end to a short game. I don’t think I had any brothers reach level 4, maybe just one of them… I’m actually surprised I made it past the first group of Goblins, so at least there’s that…

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