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    So, I saw a suggestion on Reddit about being able to loot the remains of previous battle, and I think that would be a interesting alternative to purchasing new equipment. For the sake of lore, there is real-world, and historical, premise to random scavengers scouring the field for reclaimable equipment. This same effect is already in the game, to a degree, as it is, with your party looting the slain after a battle. To clear any balance concerns: say your party comes across a battlefield and wants to try their luck at the remains, they would be required to spend time at the site, leaving themselves vulnerable to attack and would run the risk of simply not finding anything of value and merely wasting time. With all those corpses around, the site is bound to attract all manner of starving beasts, as well as any entrepreneurs trying their luck at a free profit.

    -Make battlefields scavengeable
    -Scavenging takes time, just as with camping
    -Finding any useable equipment is not guaranteed
    -Battlefields attract scavengers and beasts
    -You leave yourself open to attack
    -Potential conflict or interaction events with survivors or scavengers

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    I could see this being a special event during the noble war, where your company stumbles into the remains of a battle. Maybe get a few items, chance of a heraldric hauberk. An actual special game mechanic for scavenging? A no from me, it doesn’t sound very fun or engaging to be honest.

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