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    Hello everyone, I just bought the game two days ago and realized I’ve played 29h already so I decided to say hello and make a small suggestion :)
    First of all thanks a lot for the game, now onto the suggestion!

    When you face a group of enemies, or their respective location your scouts report what you should expect. This info is very useful, however I have small suggestion to make it even more useful! Because of how important terrain is in the game (which I love, by the way!) I think it would be nice if scouts would tell you a bit more about the terrain you’ll be fighting on. Mostly because it’s very hard to distinguish it on your own, if location is between forest or hills, for example. Sometimes I see location next to the forrest and I would assume it’s on flat terrain, if it’s not *in forest*, although that’s not the case. Small indication of terrain would help a lot, I think. Like: “Terrain: Forest” or “Terrain: Flat”.

    As always, have a good one!

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    Good idea.

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