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    1. Issue: The game screen locks up for short periods of time. Anything from 3 to 10 seconds.

    After the it ends everything you clicked happens at once, so your brothers appear to teleport into the distance, if you were moving on world map and/or several things you clicked during the freeze would appear to happen at once.

    2. Didn’t seem to happen over time as I played a couple of campaigns for 5-6 hours and it never happened. However, it was reproducible before today as after several new campaigns this issue would start to appear. When it started it happened more frequently during any day-night changes and also on town/hire/shop screens. Before today I could temporarily fix it by doing a PC reboot but from today the it appears to lock up all the time.

    Guessing its a compatibility issue with graphic card or something on my side seeing no one else is reporting issue. Attached dxdiag/log.

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    Just Registered to say I have the same problem as well,thought my graphics card to blame because it’s being old.
    Same symptoms as above, Overhead map freezing and a few seconds later my company appears where it should be
    if there was no freeze, Don’t register key clicks (Pause, escape etc.).

    Seems like a performance issue. DxDiag attached.

    Game is awesome but I cannot enjoy it at the moment due to this problem.

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