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    The Map right now looks very similar to Mount and Blade – parties move around, night and day, always at their top speed. I always found it strange to find caravans an armys walking around at night. If a Party spots another one its always clear if they can catch up or not – with the exception of pathfinding bugs. This can be annoying to – you can´t escape those werewolves in early game, and can´t catch those pesky bandits in the woods.
    I suggest to give every Party the option of travelling at 3 different speeds:
    – normal: the way parties move right now. Maybe with slower repair and heal rates. The movement speed can be a bit higher than it is now
    – forced march: the party moves faster. Healing time is halved and armor won´t be repaired, and the party uses more food.
    – camp: no movment at all. Repair and Healing times are faster. It takes some time to build up the camp, so you can´t switch back to other movement methods for some time. If you don´t rest once a day, your brothers will gain the “tired” perk (lower fatigue and resolve) until they are rested.
    All human parties rest during the night if they are not in danger or attacking. Orcs and Undead will travel during the night, and build camps during the day. Werewolves roam around at dusk and dawn, and will seek shelter in between. This will make daytime more interesting

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    ah, you have a suggestion board now. Please move the thread over there.

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    Different movement speeds are already on our to-be-discussed-when-and-how list :)
    I like the approach of not just tuning up the game speed, but really make your men move faster at the expense of provisions. Could be very helpful sometimes *cough* werwolves *cough*

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    I really like the idea of side-activities getting suspended when on a forced-march. Not sure how you’d calculate the extra supply usage, but giving supplies more uses is something that I’ve been waiting for to see implemented. Camping mechanics I recall being planned in some fashion, though we’ll have to wait for the feature list to know for sure.
    Seem like we’ll also get to see what their ideas on movement speed are! :P

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