Topic: Sell Price Displayed Not Accurate in Shops

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    Hope this is the right place for this, more of an oversight maybe than anything.

    Your belongings will always show half the worth in shops, but when you sell something, you only get a percentage of that amount. I believe it is around the same percentage as the discount on buying at the shop. For instance, I’m at a town where small shields cost 22 crowns, and my inventory shields say 22 crowns too. But when I sell it I only get 14 crowns.

    Avatar photoManaSeed

    I’ve been wondering about that forever.

    Let’s say the worth of Greataxe is 300, you can sell it at half price for 150. But different areas have different economy and demand for such item, so 150 need to multiply by 0.XX (e.g. 0.6~0.9) to get final selling price.

    Not sure if intended or bug. Either way it is less convenient to read the prices easily.

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