Topic: Shield Knock-Back Doesn't Cancel Shieldwall

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    Currently, using a shield to knock back an opponent doesn’t cancel the opponent’s shieldwall – contrary to the description of the skill. I’m sure it did get cancelled formerly. Possibly it’s just in specific circumstances that it doesn’t cancel …

    UPDATE: just tried it again in the same battle, and this time the shieldwall did get cancelled. Both instances knocked the opponent down a level of height, as well. I’ll see if I can work out what the difference is …

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    Haven’t managed to reproduce it as yet. What I do recall is that, when the shieldwall didn’t get cancelled, the knocked back opponent was not knocked back in a direct line, since either some unpassable terrain or a combatant on the target tile were blocking the most direct path. Instead, the opponent was knocked back to one side down a level of height, and remained in a shieldwall.

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