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    I think the new version of Shield Expert should be made into a Shield Mastery perk that reduces the fatigue cost of all shield-related skills by 25%, and that imposes fatigue and damage on opponents hit with the Knock Back skill (i.e. make it include the old Shield Bash perk as well, and make it into a mastery perk to go with the weapon mastery ones).

    Avatar photoMike

    I think that’d be too much to put in a single perk – but I do like the idea of adding a separate perk, say “Offensive shield”, upping the potential of shield bash, maybe giving it a chance to either stun of stagger the enemy.

    I think this topic could be a nice source of inspiration for further suggestions:

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I don’t know. I think the current Shield Expert perk isn’t sufficiently attractive, since the defence bonus is too meager and the only real point of it is to prevent orcs from smashing your shield (or at least to force them to exhaust themselves in the process of doing so). It would kind of make sense for shield expertise (like weapon expertise) to reduce the fatigue costs of using the given tool, and also to increase the benefit of certain skills. But maybe shield Knock Backs shouldn’t impose damage and/or fatigue. Or maybe shield skills could be made more specific, so that (a) small bucklers can’t be used for Knock Back at all but can be used for a punch-style attack that does modest damage, and (b) larger shields can be used for Knock Back but not for punch-style attacks that do damage.

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    Just add bonus that make shields cost half the fatigue.
    Make bucklers count as a empty offhands.

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