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    I was wondering, if I have, lets say two opponents standing behind each other, the first one will have a hitchance of, lets say, 50% and the second one of, lets say, 20%, due to being “blocked” by the first guy.

    Assuming I don’t care which enemy to hit, as it’s the beginning of the battle and I just wanna do some damage. Is there a way to see the chance of hitting the “blocking” enemy? And if not, what is the smarter move, shooting the front row, since he has the higher chance to be hit, or shooting the back row, since I might hit the first guy too? Does anyone know the “math” behind Hitchances? :)


    Avatar photoMike

    no math to give but quite a bit of experience under my belt.

    No, you don’t get to see the exact chance to hit a blocking target, but it’s inversely proportional to the chance of hitting the one that you actually shoot. There is a perk (Bullseye) that allows you to lower the chance of hitting the “blocker” by reducing accuracy penalty – see “how you build tour archer” thread for more info on that.

    Simple answer: shoot first line. There’s always a chance that a missed shot won’t hit anyone at all, even if the intended target is completely surrounded by other enemies. So unless you want to nail a specific enemy (and, truth be told, you often do – prioritizing targets is one of the most important aspects of ranged combat) always pick the target with the biggest “to hit” percentage.

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