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    Here is my suggestion about skill and stats rebalancing currently.Made with version

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Offense:+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Tier I
    Sundering strikes [good]
    Crusher [not much of use,but that’s not the skill blame by himself]
    Bloody harvest [good,need some describing improvement]
    Executioner [not of much use,need rebalance or must be changed completely]
    Pust the advantage [Not of much use,mostly because of big fatigue penalty when using maces and unaffectivity of only maces by brothers]
    Fast adaptation [good]
    Tier II
    Berserk [good]
    Head hunter [good]
    Full force [good]
    Debilitate [not of much use,need a change]
    Bullseye [weak,not of much use for now,maybe need change…if there would not be much enemy’s with shield in future]
    Close combat archer [good,maybe need a little boost]
    Tier III
    Killing Frenzy [good]
    Perfect focus [need too much fatigue for using,so skill need rebalance or changing]

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Defense: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Tier I
    Colossus [Not very useful(not sure if its only for me or not),need boosting or changing]
    Shield expert [A little bit weak,especially at level 5+ of brother because of nimble skill]
    Deflect [almost useless,especially when you have nimble skill. Rebalance of change]
    Battle forged [good,maybe a little bit too strong]
    Dodge [one of the most useless skills.Change or complete rebalance needed]
    Hold out [good,maybe a little bit too strong in combat bonuses part,especially when you have an “inspiring presence” skill]
    Tier II
    Fortified mind [Hard to get(for some brothers),not much useful(if you’re not a ghost hater).Maybe need rebalance or moving to tier I]
    Nine lives [Maybe need improvement,looks good but expensive to spend a skill point on it]
    Nimble [Strong,maybe need a little nerfing]
    Anticipation [Ranged weapon currently not so scary to spend a point on it…Maybe with goblins update this skill will use more popularity]
    Steel brow [Not of much use,maybe its better to lower the chance to take a hit on your head with this skill? Rebalance or change]
    Rotation [Sometimes useful,but expensive to spend a point on it because of their lack.good\maybe rebalance]
    Tier III
    Indomitable [Never found much of use to it,maybe its a little bit of uselesss as a tier III skill?]
    Return Favor [The most useful skill when you have a nimble skill.Maybe a little too powerful,especially in this circumstances. Rebalance?]

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Utility: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Tier I
    Bags and belts [good,but can be expensive to maintain and useful nearly a 30+ enemy’s battles because of broking weapons.Good\rebalance]
    Taunt [Not so useful,don’t cause too much effect to spend a point on it.Even its effect by itself not always makes sense.Change\rebalance]
    Quick hands [Good skill,but for archers mostly,which is useless after few hours of game,especially against armored opponents.Change\Rebalance]
    Student [Good as a skill for those who want to make a powerful guy quickly and use him for a dangerous job ;).Or those who want to play and progress quickly.Good]
    Shield Bash [Good,but with Nimble skill…Guess what? You don’t need to push an enemy from a hill if he barely can hit you…Rebalance or change of all skills which affects shields use]
    Pathfinder [Good,especially for catching those skeleton archers which are not retreating,just running away=(]
    Tier II
    Brawny [Good,useful for every fighter of close combat]
    Battle flow [A little bit weaker than “Weaponmaster” skill. Rebalance?]
    Footwork [Not very useful. Maybe needs rebalance?
    Captain [Good]
    Weaponmaster [Good,sometimes very useful,especially in long battles]
    Fearsome [Not very useful and will remain like this until there would not be much of intelligent enemy’s in a world.Goblins must love this skill=)]
    Tier III
    Rally the troops [Good skill,but you must have two guys with high resolve…That’s hard.Maybe rebalance?]
    Inspiring presence [Good]

    About stats…
    There are only melee skill,melee defense and fatigue “which can be used” on battle field when you’re brothers level up.
    You just can’t improve some other stats…Firstly because there are only three points for lvl. upping this and you cant waste them(That’s why good captain are weaker than his soldier currently,he spend a points on resolve instead of useful stats)
    I think,there must be the 4th point to spend on stats.Because there are not any difference in leveling up for now…
    About each stat currently:
    HP – useless(you can spend a point on fatigue to carry heavier armor and armor will give you much more armor points)
    Resolve – useful only for captain and against ghosts
    Fatigue – main stat of any dangerous brother
    Initiative – I cant see use of this,especially according to other stats usefulness .Anybody?
    Melee skill – just good
    Range skill – underpowered currently cause range weapons not that great for now
    Melee defense – good,especially with “Nimble skill”
    Range defense – currently useless

    Dear developers,improving this things will make game a twice time more interesting and will give a reason to play it more.Its only my opinion,but i was playing for a couple of days “hardly”,with different squads of brothers(and tactics) and i know what I’m talking about(except of: at some points i maybe ask too much boosting?).All is needed: to do a leveling up interesting and different.I hope you will take a look at this stuff…Good luck =)

    Avatar photoAtheist

    Yeah I agree with most of this list, and hopefully the devs will notice this and implement some changes on the stat trees.

    Ask me about your God

    Avatar photoEVANS UA

    I am not pretending to be completely right,but i spent a couple of hours making this stuff…I hope developers will improve leveling up,thats it.

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