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    Hello. BB is one of the greatest games of 2016 and I did a review in metacritic showing my joy playing this game ;D. Now, I’m tired of playing the tutorial mission anytime I restart a new campaign.

    It is possible to start a new campaign skipping the tutorial mission?

    I hope in further updates, for veteran players, BB has the option of starting campaigns in different situations, and avoiding tutorial missions.

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    I think after first battle, when you come to village and guy tell you to kill Hoggart, you can decline the quest and skip tutorial.


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    Yeah, you can skip the tutorial. It’s a shame that you can’t take the option to kill Hoggart without obliging yourself to recruit 3 more men and go to town X. You don’t normally need 6 men to kill Hoggart, and sometimes there are towns other than town X that are nearer and/or have better and/or cheaper equipment.

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    Yeah, but, in order to take some rewards, the game forces you complete the mission of ending with Hoggart.

    It would be nice to start the campaign in a different place and with a different mission, depending on the background of your leader. A rich character, in a large merchant city, a farmer in a rural village, a veteran soldier in a castle, etc.

    I’m tired of killing Hoggart.

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