Topic: Slain enemies sometimes don't leave corpses or loot

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    Hello again!

    As you might know, sometimes enemies don’t drop loot – most noticable on Hedge Knights and Leaders.
    This just happened to me as I knifed a netted Hedge Knight.
    He did not leave a corpse. I believe he was standing on top of another corpse. Usually the corpse would appear on an adjacent tile but I believe that the Net rooted the corpse in it’s place and so it could not “move” to another tile.

    Please take a look at this as I think it might actually be the cause of the issue.

    Additional info:
    He was surrounded by 6 and carried a famed Fighting Axe, Armor, Helmet and Heater Shield and not a single one of those items actually dropped.

    Thanks for all the fixes, Rap! Cheers!

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