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    Avatar photoOharaicaine

    I only have 3 small additions I would like to see added.
    First, after a battle when you lose a team member it would be nice to click on their dead portrait and open up their old character screen to have a better idea of who it was that died and what their role was.

    Second, when an enemy has a buff/debuff icon on them, it would be nice to hover over it to see some info on what it means.

    Third, when you click on a raiding party you wish to attack, it would be nice if you would continuously follow them instead of stopping where you last clicked on the target.

    P.S. I am absolutely loving your game! I just can’t stop playing it, so addictive!

    Avatar photomigmigogdem

    since you made the topic i’ll drop my to cent’s asswell
    a world map lvl up button, i offen forget to lvl my brothers up and it often end up as and ekstra ekscuse for me to scum save.
    and i know this might sound stupid but i often feel lvl up is a chore in this game not a reward. And i really think some kinda button or grafic to remind you could chance that.
    oh and a button to autofollow the Battle Brothers party would be nice so i don’t have to ajust the camera constantly.

    Avatar photoRahziel

    To focus camera on your Brothers in worldmap view, press Shift. If you want the camera to follow while you move – hold Shift.

    Avatar photomigmigogdem

    i consider holding shift to constantly adjusting the camera.

    i would like to have my hands free to take a drink or light a cigarete.

    i know this is a luxury problem. which is why i posted it in this tread.

    Avatar photoSebastianQuick

    While you’re fiddling with the camera, it would be great if while you’re zooming in/out, the map centered on the mouse pointer. Or at least have the option to turn this on. Hmmm…does SHIFT zooming do this?

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    The level up is too developed and essential! You don’t like a level up?

    Avatar photomigmigogdem

    i am taking about how i often don’t notice if my men have leveled up. so i would like a button or somekind of visual on the world map to remind me.
    the places i notice the level up i am usualy doing something else, starting a fight, shopping or just equiping my brothers.
    so leveling for me often “gets in the way” of what i am curently doing.
    ofcorse i like to level up it’s a reward in and of it self.
    i would just like a reminder so i can focus on leveling up without it “getting in the way” of other tasks like shopping.

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