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    I find myself continually insta-buying shields with art that matches my banner (even for abhorrent prices!) but I have yet to find enough matching shields for a fully cohesive, professional-looking shield wall. I think the capacity to choose the art design of your brothers’ shields at any armorer’s shop would be a small but terrific addition to this already kick-ass game.

    Custom shields would appeal both to players like myself who dig visual cohesion and also to players who prefer more individualized brothers. For example, a player with a brother named “Sigmar the Wolf” could more easily give him a shield with the white wolf’s head over blue background emblem.

    The interface for choosing shield design could perhaps be implemented in a similar fashion to the interface for customizing your brothers’ appearance at barber shops. Hopefully this would save you some time in coding too!

    Avatar photoRedbeardsRaiders

    The ability to pay for a coat of arms would be a nice touch. There might be a way to have your shield painted. Also, the factions have banners which improve morale. Maybe you could buy a banner for your mercs which gives some bonuses instead of having your character attack. I can imagine having a heraldry engine as part of the game where you can design a shield or symbol based on a configuration.

    Avatar photoSouwly

    Yes, please. This would be such a great addition to the game. I would love to have my company fitted with my heraldry.

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