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    First of all I should say im a huge(o) fan of this game and am really anticipating it.

    I originally posted this on Youtube, but soon realized it might not be the best forum to have my suggestion actually heard.
    SO i cam to the read forums.

    Its more of a “Gameplay Fluf” addition
    After battle in the end battle screen, you guys can add an option for a dead brother to be added into a “Banner of Fame”.
    A section similar to a university alumni section (for lack of a better analogy). Where the player can also write a few words. This Banner can be accessed in the world map at any time, so he will be remembered in some way.

    You can also go further and link names and entries from there into the game world. Example, when recruiting you can add an into for brother/son/wherever of <nameofdeadguy> <deathentrance>, so it can be read as:
    “Hugo brother of Hugo who <Died foolishly in battle while trying to run away/Was a cool guy who served with us for a long time>” etc…
    I think it go a long way into making the game world feel more alive and awesome.


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    Hi Oga,
    sounds like a really fun idea. Something a bit similar would be our “graveyard” tab where you could see all the dead Battle Brothers together with some statistics on their deeds. It’s not implemented yet, but I like the idea of some more tasty texts in there. Maybe we’ll figure out a mechanism which automatically puts together a few words depending on how long the brother lived, whom he killed, whether he fled or not etc…. similar to our dynamically generated background stories and nicknames.


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