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    Hmmm, can we get some optional icon for replacement, or if any of the Devs would be kind enough to instruct me how to change the icon myself, really not digging satanistic signs in a game I enjoy playing or any other in fact.
    Oh also really looking forward to the expansion, just would like solution for this small issues.

    Avatar photoBiorn

    I think there are some mods for BB on Nexusmods. Maybe something will pop up there after the release of the DLC.

    Otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it, been playing computer games with pentagrams in them since -96 and I hardly ever speak backwards.
    Not sure about Candy Crush though, one look at it and I start chanting nonsense about some Cthulhu guy…

    Avatar photoJCSato

    It’s pretty easy to alter the icon yourself, just an extract and edit, you don’t even have to repackage anything. I’d refer to a couple of the asset swap mods on Nexusmods, that was how I learned – very quick to orient.

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