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    Hi there, I browsed a few pages and didn´t find anything on the following ideas. Game is mucho fun but ofc work in progress…..

    Flail – the AOE attack hitting only 1 possible target is a bit lacking. Hitting all 3 with reduced damage and a small chance to stun like 25% for each affected target would make it more meaningful ( especially with PushtheAdvantage ) and retain the typical mace ability of stun. As the non-flail Mace stuns for 75% but offers no advantage against shields it would balance the two weapons a bit.

    Crossbow – Scary how effective the X-bow is in comparison with the ok-ish bow. Whenever bandit groups use crossbows I lose men, whereas bow armed bandits are a threat but not that serious. Goblins though are too accurate at ranges of 8 hexes even against shieldwalled guys.

    Stamina – Fleeing enemies or foes charging into spearwall should cause stamina costs every time its activated. Its funny but ridicolous how much you can do against dumb or routed enemies without breaking a sweat.

    Knock Back – Shieldbash should always do small non-stoppable, blunt damage even without skill, slamming a shield into someone hurts even though he may not use the shield skillfully and armor means little against slamming damage. The skill Shield Bash should add stun ( 25% or so ) and increase damage & stamina loss in addition to the already lessened stamina cost.

    Placement – No enemy ( neither wolfriders nor werewolves ) should be able to reach – and possibly one-shot – a BB in the first round of combat. Its simply unfair and unfun. I know that there will possibly be a placement round prior to combat in the future but still they should not meet in the very first round ( except perhaps for special foes .. vampires ? )

    So much for now
    have fun

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