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    I have a bunch of ideas I’ve been thinking about, so I figured I’d throw them out there. Feel free to comment on my ideas or post your own! Sorry if I am posting something that someone else has already suggested.

    #1 — Faction Wars
    I would like to see a war game mechanic, where the various factions would declare war against one or more of the other factions. During a war you would see increased raids between the two factions, and if one (or more) of the factions is human then they would offer you missions which target their enemies. In addition to this, I would like to see the humans split up into different factions: cities and castles would typically “own” the smaller towns and sometimes fight each other for control of one (or more!).

    Example: the Hornburg Castle Knights are fighting a peasant revolt in Dunkelwald! You will see troops moving between the two locations, and can go to Hornburg Castle to accept missions against Dunkelwald or vice versa. Without intervention, the stronger of the two factions (Hornberg Castle in this case) will win.

    Example: the Red Tooth Orcs have declared war against the City of Dornen! Orc raids against that city are regular, and you can go there to accept missions against the Orcs. Without intervention, the city economy will soon be in ruins.

    #2 — Faction Alignment

    This goes along with Faction Wars, posted above, but could also be a stand-alone concept. Basically, the idea is that when you do missions for a faction you gain “reputation” with that faction. Better reputation gives you more missions (some missions might not be available until a faction trusts you), better prices at the store, maybe better recruits and/or better mission rewards. Get a high enough reputation and maybe you can even get a artifact associated with that faction?

    However, not all factions get along. Having a good reputation with one faction might make it more difficult to find work with another (especially if the factions are at war). Also, bandits could be a faction (or a group of factions), and I know I’d love the chance to do some banditry on the side now and then! Monsters could have there own factions, just for tracking enemies… unless they wanted to make it possible to ally with the monsters! Personally, I’d love that but I don’t know if that’s the direction they want this game to go.

    #3 — The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors
    So, what if there was increased monster activity during the night? I was thinking specifically of undead and werewolves, but I guess maybe orcs as well. It might be cool if there were some difficult fights around even near towns (although they shouldn’t raid the towns, just attack anyone who leaves) and it would make traveling longer distances more intense (can you make it to the next town before dusk?!). I was thinking of werewolves and skeletons at first, and the more difficult undead coming in as time progressed. Alternatively, it could be related to how close you are to a town (so going off into the wilderness at night would be a really bad idea).

    #4 — Defense Missions
    Most missions (other than the caravan guard missions, which I like) have you take an offensive role: you go kill somebody in their base. So, instead I was thinking of a mission type where you would defend a town, castle or fort against an enemy raid. You would accept the job and then be expected to to stick around for a specified time (typically one day), during which time one or more enemy groups would attempt to raid whatever you were protecting. You could go out and fight them before they got to town (which might leave it undefended against a sneak attack!) or wait for them to come to you, and you would get the benefit of other defenders (militia or whatever garrison is there)… however each loss of a defender counts against the economy of the town. After successfully defending against a raid the town should get a boost to local economy, or send out a trade caravan or something to help offset the economic damage of any lost defenders. When you successfully defend a location your group could be hailed as the “heroes of [wherever]” and get either a discount at the shop or a bonus to future rewards (since you could charge more at that location).

    I think it’s been mentioned elsewhere before, but a pre-battle “position your troops” phase would fit perfectly with these defense missions (put your archers on the high ground and melee in the choke points). It would also be cool if you could position some cover on the map (like barricades) to help direct the movement of enemies.

    #5 — Other Mercenaries
    Might be cool if you ran into other mercenary companies around the map, and this would work especially well in the Faction Wars idea. Sometimes you would end up fighting on the same side, if maybe you were both hired to protect the same town or caravan, while other times you might be fighting each other. Mercenaries would be tough enemies, but would have good loot and maybe they could be persuaded to change sides if you have money to pay them off.

    Avatar photo70HP

    1. Love this idea and would love to see this in the game at some point.

    2. Same thing, amazing idea. However allying with monsters I don’t see as good an idea. Werewolves or vampires aren’t very agreeable.

    3. Werewolves definitely. Maybe even give them a certain perk/buff when fighting in the night, if they don’t already of course.

    4. Like it a lot too. Getting the people of the castle, town, etc. could be really useful. And about the planning phase, it should go both ways. You and the A.I both get to set up without knowing each others plans. And barricades and stakes should be an inventory thing and if they get damaged or destroyed you cant use them again or they are less effective.

    5. Also something I would really want. Also maybe certain tiers of mercenaries. Perhaps some mercenary groups aren’t as well equipped as you making them easier to fight, or vice versa.

    All in all, really great ideas.

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