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    hello, 10 ideas with a terrible eng, sorry and i hope your can understand what im gonna write.

    1)one little second page of items where you can put your best items (all the items you want to save and use during the game)

    2)” enemy team defeated and their archers run away from you” the game ask to you if you want leave the battle or continue

    3) hp status improve your damage on % (bigger people doing more damage when hit)

    4) initiative give you a % of chance to counter-attack when enemy hit you and you holding a one handed weapon

    5)you can choose if go for the head or body (sometimes go for the head and hit an enemy without armour is not a bonus)

    6)weapons need more durability, you gonna break spears and swords vs orks

    7)pathfinder let you walk of 5 tiles instead of 4 (units with it can be specialized for attack archers)

    8)a new tipe of archer, knife thrower,10% damage vs armour and 120 damage vs hp (cleaner)

    9)flail dealt some damage to shields with normal hit

    10)fast refresh of people in the city to recruit (actually is realy long)

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