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    Hey guys just wanted to say I’ve been enjoying the game and can’t wait to see what else is added. Love the idea and have put a ton of hours into it. I have not seen everything in the game but with ideas the earlier you get them out the better! if any ideas have already been mentioned a ton…my bad.. and ofcourse I have no idea if they are good ideas.

    1: Torches— ofhand or main hand???
    a) fits the theme
    b) Could be used at night (lights up the immediate area around the user(maybe 2 space radius?), archers can now shoot anything around the torch bearer without penalty. this goes for enemy archers as well…
    c) Enemy bandits can now equip torches at night
    d) Rain could reduce torch percentage every turn
    e) Burn bodies—- you can now torch corpses so wierdgangers cannot rez, and fallen comrades can not rez. (uses percentage)
    f) Gain extra defence versus dogs, wolf riders and wolves as fire will make them cautious
    g) weakness could be ranged enemies
    h) maybe they can’t move into grass?? haha

    2: New Brother play style —–Duel wielding
    a) new perk— allows person to duel wield
    b) new ability Weapon Block—- allows the user to cancel X amount of damage and it now effects weapon condition
    c) Rogue/thief play stlye —- Run around with tons of small weapons in your bag
    d) never give this person an expensive weapon
    e) allows weaker and smaller weapons to play an important part
    f) new trait— ambidexterity—- could make more accurate?
    g) seems like a type a goblin could use also

    3) New Enemy type—– Deserters
    a) human party
    b) they left the war for whatever reason and now live off the land
    c) some could be well equipped, some could be using Orc and goblin equipment due to no access to town and constant fights
    d) some equipment could be worn of the start
    e) use formations
    f) with equipment, perks, and numbers can be made to be any difficulty they need to be for the game
    g) could have prompt after battle about letting a survivor join you etc?

    these are just some of the ideas I have going on… let me know what you guys think?

    Avatar photoMiaphysites

    I Second all these ideas, medium priority. I like all your points for Torches. Your vision of duel wielding may be a good realistic one, I think of the Japanese with a Primary hand katana and a much smaller offhand sword. Can’t think of better examples. I like deserters ,always wanted a perk to Not killing the humans? Some race variety?

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