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    -Ablility to view strategy map during mission negotiation (Press key to toggle display on/off), so you can see how far/where the goal destination is. Often, towns are mentioned, and you have no idea where they are until you agree and view the map afterwards.

    -Zoom in from where the mouse pointer is, rather than always the center of screen.

    -Option to make roads more visible somehow when zoomed out (as they are pretty hard to see when fully zoomed out).

    -Ability to drag/drop item onto other character’s portrait to equip it on them, rather than having to select the character holding it, take it off them, drop it into the stash, select the other character, and drag the item onto their paper doll.

    -Ability to double click on save files to load/save, rather than always having to select it, then hitting the Load/Save button.

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    You sure want User Interface work, don’t you? These are some new specifics, mostly. At this point of development, I mean, consider,
    – You can Come Back To The Contract Later, see if you like the destination and then Accept.
    -Is there Added Value here and zoom mechanics besides like, inverted throttle, normal or southpaw, fast scroll or slow scroll, I’ve never noticed or wanted the thing to know where my mouse is zooming
    – My roads are fully visible fully zoomed out. You must think your commodore 64 is really neato. What kind of chip you got in there, a durrito?
    -Why would you need to steal off of one merc to another merc and avoid the company stash? You just hate one guy all the sudden?
    – If people start screwing with quick load / quick save, first off, some games disable free saving, lucky us, its the right call, second, the saves and loads get so quick on some games I save when I meant to load or load when I meant to save. Hasn’t happened on this setup.

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