Topic: Some problems I’ve found in Beasts&Exploration

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    1. Game severely underestimates power level of some new enemies, especially Unholds, Alps, and Hexe. Im speaking about both quest rewards for killing them and Ai fighting them on the global map.
    For examlpe, I’ve just seen on world map how mercenary company of 10 people defeated 4 frost unholds without losing anyone. I loaded the game right before it happened, joined the fight and 4 out of 4 tries in actual turn-based combat they all died and fled in first few turns without killing a single unhold.

    2. Multiple alps (or hexe) are not just strong, but damn unfun to play against.
    First of all, why do alps have AOE sleep? Countering that reqiures moving your brothers extra tile away from each other, which, on top of already very high 4AP cost of awakening alies, turns fights with them into a tedious crawl. Also, dogs dont really help, since their hitchance and damage on Alps is not only very low, but not unterrupts Apls from using even more Sleep and Nightmares, which slows the fight even MORE.
    Also, sergeant’s Horn (rally the troops perk) is such a loud sound ingame, that first thing i’ve thought in fight against Alps, it awakes ally in some range. But its dont. For some reason. As if fights with the Alps was not slow enough.

    3. “Try out” is useless.
    Not only it is overpriced for what it is doing, but knowing perks is in 90% not enough to give you useful info about recruit. Yes, in very rare chances seeing “Asthmatic” on someone or “Drunkard” on ranged recruit may be helpfull, but that is so unlikely that it will never justify the cost of “trying out” potential recruits.
    Maybe.. make it show talents too? … at least

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    Ps. Sorry for terrible english.

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    3. “Try out” is useless.

    It’s not. Try out is not meant to be abused for every recruit, it’s meant mostly for those expensive backgrounds to prevent you from hiring hedge knight level 3 in early game as you finally managed to put together enough funds …only to find out that he has a wooden leg. Moreover it’s completely optional, you don’t need to use it if you don’t like to.

    It’s also useful for late game if you hunt for particular traits. Like Iron Lungs.

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    1. I’ve got to agree with that. Took a mission to Kill Lindwyrms, 2 skulls, 1200 reward. A middle-grade group, levels 6-8. There were 4 wyrms, my men were routed before killing a single one. Maybe double the skulls on that kind of mission.

    2. I fought with the Alps at night, and it was a nice change of pace. Having to keep the men spread out and hunting. Barely made it without losing anyone. Not the kind of fight I prefer, but I thought it was ok.

    3. Disagree completely. Quite nice to have that option, and the cost makes it worthwhile only later on. If you have the money to spam try-out, you would probably have the money to hire 2 or 3 men and dismiss the ones that suck anyway.

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    First of all, excuse me for my possible grammar mistakes. English is not my native language so…
    Anyway, in regard of a problem I encounter some time ago (unfortunately, I completely forgot to make a screen).
    At first it was a simple exploration mission. Not too far and rather low-reward. The first strange thing appeared in description.
    The quest objective claims that some sort of hidden location was in the south-east from the city, but(!) the territory mentioned in the same text, according to the map, took place in the south-west direction. That was strange, but anyway, the mission was accepted. As a result, I waste a significant amount of time and much more money than I though possible in that situation. Finally, I found the root of the problem. That mentioned territory was very(!) long and it`s borders were surrounded by multiple others. Actually, originally I had no idea that it is possible for them to be that long, and I was sure that is part of another province…
    Anyway, here it was possible to find out a truth due to the mission description. But in long-run exploration missions it may be impossible. So I think that there should be a way to find out territory borders even in not that oblivious ways to evade such a strange events as mine. Your opinion?

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    I find text of the names of the regions to be hard to read sometimes as text is rather faint and underlying map colour can make it very hard to see. Especially on while, mountainous regions. It wasn’t problem before because there was very little reason to read these texts. However now with the new missions that send you to named regions, this became a problem.

    So yes, something to make regions better defined would help. May be on maximal zoom, the text and/or borders can me made to stand out (adjust contrast of the text colour and/or it’s size with the zoom level). Something like that.

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