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    Here some quality of life and balancing things that I’d like to have in the game:

    1) Speed up button in the world map
    2) Speed up button for combat,
    also whould like to have option to give AI control of (some/all) my merks, because its boring watch the movement for 4-5 turns while 15 man patrol slaughtering whatever was unlucky to meet 2 gangs at once.
    Preferably the button to instantly resolve all actions for the turn (and leave you do the stuff after all actions has been done by the AI side)
    and option to give full control to AI and resolve turn(s). Murdering 3-4 wrenches with 12 man gang isn’t fun, but necessary.
    Option to cancel all animations for actions, to speed up the process
    3) auto pause when leaving town, auto pause when enemy spotted nearby
    4) ability to see the world map when you negotiating the contract (with quest markings for quick look)
    5) add a merchant’s book/notepad in-game, as currenly I have to keep the world map and buy/sell prices for goods in a spreadsheet out of the game. I’m the bank’s manager, how I gonna manage without tool to save information?
    6) make a visible indicator of current status of militia/army. As sometimes they fail to show up from settlement/tower/barracs.
    I get that army’s business to fight werewolves as well as bandits.
    7) spawn merks with gear, as well as without any weapons. As an example, Poaches come with stock bow, but always have better melee, i’d like to buy a poacher (and hope that could an ARCHER, but I have in-stock some 50 bows that I’ve taken from bandit’s corpces, so I don’t feel like I’m willing to buy nother one, same with butchers, and other dudes with fixed gear (exept knights, they cannot go unarmed and/or unarmored)
    8) make player’s stack on world map follow/engage/interact other stacks instead of just goint to the clicked spot.
    9) while on caravan mission, give option to the player to contole caravan to some extent (enter settlements (without spamming mouse button)/stop movement/reverse/make camp/follow military patrol))
    10) give option to fail a mission without heavy penalty so standings (pay back advance payment, for example)
    11) possibility to trigger tracks for mission (also option to change tracks color to black, usefull on sand and snow area)
    12) option to umbush the enemy stack. (should give player an option to place units close/near/aroud the foe, to engage from better position, or get into melee turn one, same as werewolves/ghouls do on cemetery mission)
    13) option to transform unused gear to tools&supplies for repairs, as current economic system of repairs is selling stuff at 1/4 of the price and buying tools/suplies for x1,5 price to repair, essentially, the same gear is counter-intuitive.
    14) change deserter mechanics, currenly you pay the money to the crew (that’s why you get munus X amt of crowns) and peeps still desert you. Make it that thay leave you because you are not paying them, not they are leaving you because you paind them money from debt sourse.
    15) add camp manue, whe you can muster newbs, order people to get out to get some food, get peeps drunk, feast, roll for party events, like brawls, make craft products.
    16) 3rd option in contract netotiation “come back later” (if the issue won’t be solved/expired by then)

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